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2017 03/04B Coaching Survey


In order to help Storm continue to grow as an organization we are requesting your feedback on your head coach and assistant coaches from the 2017 playing season.  Your open, honest and accountable feedback is strongly encouraged.  

Each group of questions also has a section for including additional comments and examples.  The examples are a critical part of this process as it can provide a significant amount of insight into what not only your coach(es) can do better, or do well, but can often help us across the organization.

Your feedback will be shared with your coach(es) in summary form should they request it. Issues, opportunities and applause will be proactively shared and/or discussed with them. Your name will not be shared with the coaches related to any feedback. 

Please respond in a timely manner - Storm is currently engaged in the process of identifying coaches for the 2018 season now, your feedback will have a significant impact on our decision making process. For your feedback to be considered in this process we need to have it back not later than August 10. 
Please complete one survey per coach (this is very important)

The results of this survey are received and will be reviewed by: 

  Murray Spier - President
  Ryan Woodward - Vice President (& head coach of the 2003/2004B team)
  Dave Burns - Rep Director ( & head coach of the 2002A team)

There will be a separate version of this survey form for the parents of the 1999A & 2003/2004B teams to use

Thank you very much in advance

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ryan


Please direct questions to: